Market Application

  • Automated machinery

    Automated machinery

    Automated machinery has been developed to a fairly mature stage at present, sothat the automatic mechanized industry to the cable used in the production line requirements is higher and higher.
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  • Medical technology

    Medical technology

    Medical equipment is the most basic elements of medical, clinical disciplines,including professional medical equipment and home meidical equipment
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  • Cleaning equipment

  • Crane forklift

  • Robots


    Anyte supplies quality solutions to robits,which are now used throughout the entire industry; they have become a crucial element of complex production processes
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  • Packaging Machinery

  • Air-conditioning system

  • Energy systems

    Energy systems

    Anyte supplies a variety of quality cables for energy systems.Due to the remote locations of many wind farms, reliability is vital to avoid costly maintenance.
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  • PV industry

    PV industry

    The use of solar energy has been increasing for many years and this trend is continuing. Photovoltaics has a wide range of uses, from major energy plants
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  • Residential buildings

    Residential buildings

    Anyte supplies quality solutions to the building and construction market.The company's cables are used extensively in power networks, emergency power applications
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  • Industrial systems

    Industrial systems

    Anyte offers just-in-time delivery to contractors that need to keep stockholding on site to a minimum – boasting an on-time delivery rate of over 98%.
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  • Vehicular traffic

    Vehicular traffic

    The Anyte Group is a pioneer of vehicular traffic: It is one of the first companies to develop a compatible, production-ready complete charging system
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