Environmental System

As the emerging nations cable enterprice,Anyte seeks social effects of long-term sustainable development,focusing on business operation.Anyte also protects natural resources and ecological environment of the human survival.Therefore,we  promise solemnly,in all business operation,management activities,we strive to enviromental management system and product quality assurance system integration,and inprove the management level persistently.We comply wiht the laws and regulations,focus on pollution prevention,improve system continuously,implement process control,establish a staff environmental awareness.
Enviromental management system move around the requirements of the enviromental policy to expand the enviromental management.The content of management include formulating enviromental policy,imprementing and realizing related content which is required by enviromental policy,review implementation and realization degree and so on.Management elements involved by enviromental management include organizational strcture,planning activities,responsibilities,proctices,procedures,processes and resources.There is no essential difference among these management elements  production management,personnel management and financial management.