Environmental protection

Anyte's cable range is so widedpread with a lot of different applications as well as various charateristics and production ways,so that we can meet the different areas of demand. We only reach our aim when all technical aspects,ecological, economical thinking as well as the requirements of our customers have benn met.

With a steadily increasing technological development,we have started to intrude on an intact nature in order to restore this natural system, a lot of laws have been passed and a lot of requirments and prescriptions have been imposed which are the
basis for the Anyte production.

Therrefore,enviromental protection is of greatest importance for us.We are discussing the subject with our customers and colleagues and planning,development and production are excuted and organized accordingly.

Total responsibility is our greatest task and we take it seriously. We are examing all raw materials ,methods of processing and final products regarding their danger for human.We take back all ANYTE products that our customers don't need any more
and guarantee best waste disposal. In our own company we have optimised the energy consumption of machines and heating systems that are examined by intenal environmental audits regularly.