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Dtes: 2016-6-2   Hits: 4441 s  Anyte Cable introduces you a few types of shielded wire

Shielding wire, is used to transfer data signals, and the

most taboo thing is data loss or reduced in the passing

process, thus shielding layer of the shielded wire has

played an important role in preventing loss of data. There

are many kinds of shielding ways for shielded wire, the

following is a few common shielded wire shielding method.
1. The security monitoring of transmission line with the

shield coaxial cable (SWYV) transmission medium appearance

lining layer of metal mesh structure to ensure that the

closed-circuit signal resolution and stability
2. The network cable shielded twisted-pair (STP) has a

shielding layer than the unshielded twisted-pair cable and

is mainly used in various terminal requiring the signal

system of the whole system has a weak protection to reduce

the electromagnetic interference shielding low transmission

3. Building intelligent control bus hvac control bus cables

usually used for indoor, underground, and also reduce the

electromagnetic interference and work conditions
4. Lightning protection system interaction shielding wire
5. Switchgear bus shielding wire for small components

electromagnetic to reduce large components influence and so

on, shielding is applied to various needs higher

requirements to the electromagnetic environment system type

mainly shielded conductor and shielded cable, shielding

signal wire.