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Dtes: 2016-6-8   Hits: 4587 s  The notice of Dragon Boat Festival holiday

Value dragon-boat festival approaching, according to the general office of the state council announced the 2016 holiday arrangement notice of relevant regulations, in combination with the practical situation of our company, the leadership decision, who will notify the Mid-Autumn festival vacation in 2016 are as follows:

A, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday time as June 9-11, a total of 3 days.

Second, the departments after notification, properly arrange the customer's delivery the work ahead of time, and follow up customer in time.

Three, departments before the holiday to doors and Windows and office of health work.

Now I wish you have a happy Dragon Boat Festival in advance!

Changzhou Anytecable co., LTD

On June 9, 2016