ANYDATA-INTER-BUS-PUR Wear resistant remote INTERBUS cable

ANYDATA-INTER-BUS-PUR Wear resistant remote INTERBUS cable

IINTERBUS-PUR is the economic program used to solve the network sensors and motion unit in standard automatic equipment. Standard transmission medium consist with two pairs twist cores. This bus system has replaced the original different types of models and expensive parallel cable systems in low-level automation technology and assembled into a single bus cable. INTERBUS components connected through this long-distance bus cable. The cable is applied in drag chain and the occasions where need Frequent bend.

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Conductor Stranded of fine copper wire (class 6) comply with VDE0295/IEC228 standard.
Insulation material: Special PE mixed with highly mechanical properties
Cores twisted lay together, nonwovens or PET tape covered
Tinned copper wire braiding with highly bending resistant, 85 % coverage.
outer sheath: Special PUR mixture ,normal color is in purple
Particularly oil chemical resistance of the cores twisted in the best pitch to Minimize the crosstalk
Particular oil resistant, chemistry resistant, Non-adhesive, high abrasion and tear resistant.
High-density braided shield to guarantee the transmission freely for the signal and pulse
Non-hazardous substances, RoHS compliantIn accordance with EEC 73/23 and CE/TUV/VDE standard.
Flame retardant properties comply with the provisions of the IEC 60332-1
ANYDATA-INTER-BUS-PUR series design of ANYDATA can cycles bending for about 100 million times in the chain systeem
Operating voltage: 350V maximum
Insulation resistance:> 20 MOhm x km
Minimum bend radius: 7.5x cable outer diameter
Operating Temperature Range: Movable installation: - 5 ° C to +90 ° C fixed installation: -30 ° C to +90 ° C
Wire grounding ID: G = green / yellow protective conductor X =without green / yellow protective conductor
Radiation intensity: Up to 5 × 107cJ/kg
0.064 MHz Impedance: 120 Ω ± 20%
> 1 MHz Impedance: 100 Ω ± 15 Ω

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