ANYDATA-LSZH-CH(TP)LSZH shielded flexible control cable

ANYDATA-LSZH-CH(TP)LSZH shielded flexible control cable

Multi-cores shielded signal and control cables all used halogen-free materials. Can be used in computers, data transmission, office equipment, process control and instrumentation.

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Conductor Stranded of fine copper wire (class 5) comply with VDE0295/IEC228 standard.
Halogen-free compound, low smoke zero halogen material wire insulation according to DIN VDE 0 281
Colors according to customer requirements (insulation arrangement can be customized twisted form of TP)
Plastic film or non-woven overall coated wire
Halogen-free jacket compound, according to DINVDE 0 281 (color can be customized according to customer requirements)
Combustion of low smoke, do not produce toxic substances, the maximum guarantee of human life safety, and resistance to hydrolysis
Low index of smoke acid, low toxicity index, low concentration of smoke, retardant, comply with RoHS standards
High-density shielding to ensure interference-free transmission of all signals and pulse
Twisted-pair cores, which reduces electrical interference within the cable
Non-hazardous substances, comply with RoHS standards
This product complies with the CE provisions of the EEC directive 73/23
(low-voltage procedures)
Comply with the CE / TUV / VDE standards
Operating voltage: 250V
Insulation resistance:> 20 MOhm x Km
Minimum bend radius:Mobile installation: 15x cable diameter fixed installation: 6x cable diameter
Operating temperature range:Mobile installation: - 5 ° C to +80 ° C fixed installation: -30 ° C to +80 ° C

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