ANYCERT-UL2547 UL2547 multi-cores shield cable

ANYCERT-UL2547 UL2547 multi-cores shield cable

This product is used for the UL series of rated voltage 300/300V , electrical and electronic instruments, mechanical and electronic equipment, household appliances, internal signaling devices or the computer signal connecting within building, the product has a certain degree of heat resistance, conductor long-term work in the 80 ° C, exposure to oils and solvents environment, can work at 60 ° C. The cable use spiral shielding, more soft, especially suitable for use in the recording, audio and video system, etc.

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Stranded bare copper (tinned)conductor.
PVC  mixture insulated (color can be customized according to customer requirements)
Cores twisted together.
Insulation plastic film coated or special PVC mixture inner sheath
(Tinned)or bare copper wire braiding,85 rate of coverage.
PVC mixture sheath (color can be customized according to customer requirements)
* for optional structure
The using and installation of cable is convenient, easy to strip, easy to cut,temperature resistance, oil resistance, mold proof, aging performance is excellent
Without noxious material,acc. to ROHS.
Multiple standard building cable UL-CSA approval in the U.S. and Canada , make cable can use at the same time in the north American market.
Operating temperature:80℃
Rated voltage:no standard
Oil resistance, fire resistance and delay flammability: CSA FT1 and UL VW-1

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