ANYCERT-UL-THHN cable Comply UL/CSA MTW THHN/THWN Nylon insulation Cable

ANYCERT-UL-THHN THWN Comply UL/CSA  MTW THHN/THWN Nylon insulation Cable

Installed in the pipeline, can also be installed for any voltage600V machine tool equipment, home appliances and various kinds of control systems. For indoor, outdoor, overhead, pipe, cable tray, and does not exceed 600V circuit direct burial variety of installation methods. For the NEC Level I, Level II and classified second in hazardous environments. In wet conditions, operating temperature is 75 ℃, 90 ℃ in a dry environment, emergency overload temperature of 130 ° C, short-circuit temperature of 250 ℃. Does not recommend the work in the humid environment will access the DC circuit.The product complies with UL (MTW) certification. Its MTW(machine tool wire) certification so that it can be fully applicable to the machine tool industry (not just equipment). Also comply with UL 83, & UL1581 standard.

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Comply with ASTM-B3/B8 standard solid or stranded of the fine bare copper from 14-2/0AWG
Insulation: Comply with UL1581 high dielectric strength flame retardant PVC
(color can be customized according to customer requirements)
Comply with UL1581 nylon (THHN / THWN) covered insulating outer
Three-core or more than three-core wire core plus filler, and added Nylon rip cord next to the outer jacket.
To meet UL 1277 for sun protection, gas-proof, PVC jacket (custom colors according to customer requirements)
The nylon cable have superior safety performance on anti-termite, rodent  and heat resistance (heat resistant up to 200degrees Celsius)
Nylon cable without any harm to the environment, green, environmental protection, best to use in the home decoration device power, lighting
With light weight, smooth appearance, Its lubrication of nylon, so it hard to  abrasions, easy to laying in pipe , to bring the convenience and economy to the installation.
Nylon jacket have beautiful appearance, heat resistant and deformation less, have excellent thermal stability
With high strength in mechanical and excellent abrasion resistance, cold resistance, surface hardness, flexural strength, impact strength, chemical resistance, oil resistance, resistance to gasoline and lubrication
upgrading products on home decoration : nylon sheathed cable is an effective solution to work out the fire accidents than by use common PVC cables commonly used  in the U.S. and Europe
The nylon cable is the national scientific and technological achievements under Ministry of Construction , the products will gradually replace the traditional BV, BVR PVC cable, upgrading products on home decoration
The life of the nylon line is 2 times longer than ordinary PVC insulated wire, up to 40 years according to experience in the use of the United States and domestic test confirmed
Operating voltage: 600 V
Rated temperature: 90 ° C

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