ANYCERT-UL-NM-B NMD90 Comply UL/CSA MTW NM-B NMD90 Building Cable

ANYCERT-UL-NM-B  NMD90 Comply UL/CSA  MTW NM-B NMD90 Building Cable

Usually used for building houses, sockets, switches and other load shunt. It's not only meet the AWM (equipment wiring material) specifications, but also meet the UL (MTW) certification. MTW (machine tool wire) certification so that it can be fully applicable to the machine tool industry (equipment). Also comply with UL 83, UL719 standard.

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Comply with ASTM-B3/B8 standard solid or stranded of the fine bare copper wire size from 14-2/0AWG
PVC insulated, insulated outer layer: transparent nylon
interleaving paper is layed between drain wire and cores, and it meets ASTM-B3/B8 standard
cores lay in parallel or twisted round
Special heat-resistant thermoplastic jacket (color can be customized according to customer requirements) 
FThe performance is much better than the BV,BV-90 and BVVB  single PVC insulated cable.
Particularly suitable for building wire.
Imported nylon insulation, beautiful appearance, excellent thermal stability, strength mechanical , cold resistance, surface hardness, bending strength, impact strength, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, gasoline resistance and self-lubricating.
External light, easy to laying in pipe laying cable, which meets UL (MTW) machine-tool-wire - CSA  of the United States and Canada standards , so that the cable can be used in the North American market at the same time.
Operating voltage: 600 V
Rated temperature: 90 ° C for dry environment or wet environment

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