ANYFLEX-LSZH-SINGLE-K LSZH insulated single core cable

single core cable

This LSZH insulated single core cable,can be used in dry and wet indoor areas,suitable for the wiring of lighting fixtures,appliances and units where valuable assets are to be protected from future damage of fire.It can connect electric light,Equipment, switch, the power distribution box, etc.It is Not only can be used in the densely populated or expensive equipment concentration of buildings, also used in public or private transportation.This single core wires can also be installed in the tube,plaster and the cable slot .When the conductor used for rail traffic , it can load 900 V voltage. When used as a switch dish and power distribution equipment internal wiring, voltage can reach 750 V, rated voltage for 1000 V.

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Conductor Stranded of fine copper wire (class 6)  comply with VDE0295/IEC228 standard.
Insulation material:LSZH according to DIN VDE 0282 (color can be customized according to customer requirements)
Not releasing toxic substances, don't release corrosive substances, not release hydrogen, thus avoiding the such damage.
Special oil resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to ozone, small bending radius, flame retardant .
Burns low smoke without producing toxic substances, ensure maximum personnel life safety .
Without noxious material,acc. to ROHS.
In accordance with EEC 73/23 and CE/TUV/VDE standard.
Rated voltage:
2491B (H05Z1-K) 0.5mm2 to 1.0mm2: 300/500V
6701B (H07Z1-K) 1.5mm2 and above: 450/750V
Minimum bending radius:5x
Operation temperature:-5°C to +90°C
Resisting radiation intensity:maximum 20×106cJ/kg

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