ANYCERT- UL2586 Comply UL/CSA AWM/MTW UL2586 PVC multi-cores optional shield cable

PVC cable

Applies to installation and fixed laying without stress sustained release or compulsory guidance free of non-continuous reciprocating motion. Such as machine tool manufacturing, installation of complete sets of equipment, paint shops, power plants, refrigeration equipment, office automation equipment, etc. In addition to comply with the AWM (equipment wiring material)specifications, the product, also meet the UL (MTW) certification. MTW (machine tool wire) certification make it can be fully applicable to the machine tool industry (equipment).

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Conductors: Multi-strand bare copper  or tinned copper wire
cores insulation: Special tensile strength of PE or PVC or SR-PVC mixture  (color can be customized according to customer requirements)
cores twisted lay together
Highly wear-resistant oil-resistant PUR-based outer sheath of the mixture, apply to towline
Can have 100% coverage foil shield  (tin plated) copper wire shield coverage of 85%
* Is optional structure
Small diameter, which saves cable space required for installation
Maximum voltage of 1000V to meet the most stringent electrical and mechanical performance requirements
Solid and soft, with excellent resistance to grease and chemical characteristics
Use environmentally friendly materials, comply with ROHS directive
cable of multiple standards such as UL-CSA approval in line with the standards of the United States and Canada, the cable can be used simultaneously in the North American market.
Rated temperature: 105 ° C
Operating voltage: 600 or 1000V
Oil resistant, flame retardant, and extension of flammable: the CSA FT1 and UL VW-1

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