ANYCERT- UL1032 Comply UL/CSA AWM/MTW UL1032 PVC Single Core Cable

UL1032 Cable

This product is used for rated voltage below 1000V of UL series, connect wire in electrical and electronic instruments, mechanical and electronic equipment, household appliances internal dynamics and signaling devices or buildings , products with heat resistance. In addition, it meets the AWM (equipment wiring material) specifications, the product, but also meet the UL (MTW) certification. Its MTW(machine tool wire) certification so that it can be fully applicable to the machine tool industry (not just equipment).

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Conductor: Solid or stranded fine bare copper or tinned copper wire size of 30AWG--10AWG

insulation PVC mixture material (color can be customized according to customer requirements)

Using a standard thickness, easy stripping and cutting
Resistant to acids, oil, moisture, mold, environmental protection and other features
comply with ROHS directive
Wiring of multiple standards such as UL-CSA approved. comply with standards of the United States and Canada, to make the cable can be used simultaneously in the North American market.
Rated temperature: 90 ° C
Operating voltage: 1000V
Oil resistant, flame retardant, and extension of flammable: the CSA FT1 and UL VW-1

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