ANYFLEX-CHAIN-PUR-CY PUR Super flex multi-core shielded economy chain control cable

economy chain control cable

Applied in automated production process which demanding flexible conductor specially for chain occasion . It uses a special structural design, more suitable for use in moving mechanical parts or high-speed operation of the machine installation. This highly flexible cable is suitable for the area in need of frequent movements, Including industrial machinery, robotics, and all high-speed movable machine parts.including industrial machinery, robotics, and all high-speed movable machine parts.PUR outer sheath is particularly strong, tear resistance, abrasion resistance and oil resistance.

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The Conductor Stranded of fine copper wire (class 6)  comply with VDE0295/IEC60228 standard.
Insulation:Mixture of special PVC / TPE
core :Black cores with white numbers / VDE0293-308 new color (color can be customized according to customer requirements)
cores twisted together with minimal lay length
Non-woven fabrics coated
(Tinned) copper shielding braid coverage of 85%
outer sheath:Mixture of special PUR , applied in chain (color can be customized according to customer requirements)
Particularly oil, chemical resistance, high flexibility at low temperature  high wear resistance
Resistance to bending and cutting tear, small bend radius, low capacitance
The product is soft, solid, special PVC / TPE mixture has excellent resistance to grease and chemical characteristics, applicable to the chain
Non-hazardous substances, comply with RoHS standard
This product complies with the CE provisions of the EEC directive 73/23 (low-voltage procedures)
Comply with the CE / TUV / VDE standards
highly flexible cable PUR series designed of ANYFLEX can cyclic bending of about five million times in the chain .
Operating voltage: 300/500 V
Insulation resistance:> 20 MOhm x km
Minimum bend radius:
Mobile installation: 7.5x cable diameter fixed installation: 4x the cable diameter
Operating temperature range: Movable installation: - 40 ° C to +80 ° C fixed installation: -50 ° C to +80 ° C
Wire grounding ID: G = green / yellow protective conductor X = without green / yellow protective conductor

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